Baby led posing with Oliver


I’d love to tell you a little tale about how all the babies love me, but in reality I do occasionally have a baby visit who wants nothing to do with me. Oliver was one of those babies and he did not like me very much lol. He’s just way to beauitful for me to hold it against him though!

Baby Oliver was all about his Mum, a total boobs man. I think he may have spent a good half of his session feeding – and thats ok! Babies often require extra feeds during our sessions to keep their bellies full to help them settle better. I practice baby led photography so what the baby wants, the baby gets. And as you can see from some of the images in his gallery, it really works. We finished with a gorgeous collection of images for his Mum and Dad to treasure forever. Because he will never be this tiny again.

What is Baby led posing?

Baby led posing is a style which incorporates babies natural movements to assist with posing. When I am wrapping and posing baby I can feel when theyre comfortable. If they’re unhappy I move onto the next pose. When baby is happy, Mum and Dad are happy (and therefore so am I).

Baby’s comfort and safety should always be your photographer’s number one priority. All babies are different and by practicing baby led posing I am able to cater to the individual needs of each baby I am lucky enough to meet. Your newborn photography session should not be stressful. You should be able to sit back and relax, some parents even take a little nap on the couch in the studio!

Click on the link below to view my portfolio, learn a little more about baby led posing and discover my beauitful style.