Newborn taco pose

My current fave newborn pose is definitely the ‘taco’ (aka ‘womb’) pose. Its how I imagine baby would be all curled up in Mumma’s belly. It is so curly and cute! Lately I have been starting my beanbag workflow with the taco pose just because I love it so much!


When babies are new and fresh they can be easily posed due to the muscle memory developed from being on the inside. They are used to it. Its not until they are born and have been stretching their legs out that they begin to dislike being curled up. This familiarity generally lasts for the first few weeks. That is one of the reasons I like to have my new babies visit me in the studio within the first 14 days of their arrival. If not, I just modify to suit babies needs.


The taco pose is also a good one to be easily modified to add variety to your galleries. Probably one of the reasons I like it so much. I like to move the feet  out from under baby so that you can see toes poking out behind the elbow. You can also place hands on cheeks etc. This is called a ‘modified taco’. And dont forget to switch out accessories too. Swap headbands, adjust the legs and hands and you now have a whole new look! The more variety (as long as it is cohesive!) the better. Parents love it!

taco pose

newborn pose

Backdrop from A little life Fabric & Stretch tieback from Wild Thistle Props. Sweet Aida was 14 days here and absolutely beautiful.

Backdrop from One Sheep Two Sheep & Stretch tieback handmade by me. Baby Luana was 9 days new during her session and was just perfect. She was super sleepy and really loved being all curled up.