Sooo…How much are you? {Pricing}

On your search for the PERFECT photographer, I am sure you have discovered that photography is a specialised service with a wide range of pricing! 

And where do I fit in?

First of all I am going to start off with what you DO GET when you book with me. I absolutely pride myself on the consistency and quality of my work. For you, I will create very high quality images so that you never regret having photos taken that you LOVE. Whether you are after just a handful or lots of photos to cherish I have something to suit all.

I know how to pose you in flattering ways, and how to engage your family to create genuine and authentic images. I will NEVER leave you hanging, wondering what to do. I’m there to guide you through your session. I know how to work with newborns, how to safely and comfortably pose them, and know when they need to go back to mum for a cuddle or some glorious milk!

I know how to use light to my advantage, and how to enhance it during the editing process. Your photos will stand out from all the rest. We are going to make an AMAZING team!

But…What goes into your pricing?

Like all PROFESSIONAL businesses I do have expenses, my expertise at what I do, and of course my time, is all factored into my pricing. I spend time communicating with clients, travelling to on location shoots, shoot time, and editing to make your photos look AMMMMAZING.

I have hand selected many beautiful props, wraps, blankets, and accessories for my studio, sourced from all over the world. To give unique and stunning photographic memories. My client wardrobe is full of beautiful dresses for you to access during your sessions.

I have invested quite a bit in my professional, high-end equipment as well as education. This enables me to provide the absolute BEST artistic work possible for you.

I whole-heartedly and truly feel that photographs are PRICELESS. Your photos, your memories are worth everything to you. They are of people you love at a time you can never go back to. As photographers we need to put a price on our value and time and I have crafted my prices very carefully. Hopefully you can see the value of  what beautiful images of your loved ones are, and how QUALITY over ‘cheap’ REALLY does matter.

Feel free to click on the links below to view more detailed pricing and session information. If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in contact xx